3e Intelligence works closely with insurance, financial & legal institutions, using our own fully trained surveillance and investigation operatives to combat fraudulent claims. With a combined experience spanning decades, the 3e team provides a professional, qualified and skilled service to institutions that are looking to solve investigations into fraudulent claims.


We ensure you get the most comprehensive evidence possible, and whether it confirms or negates a suspicion, you’ll have the information you need to base any future decisions upon.

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Our investigators can be hired to probe suspected instances of fraud, including those related to personal injury claims, household policies, health or employment and social security benefits.

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Why hire us

Speed of delivery, impactful evidence & a team of world-class operatives. Need more reasons to hire us?

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“Over the past couple of years 3e have helped us save over 1 million pounds worth of benefit.”

Lynn Jocelyn

Claims Technical Manager & Client Liaison 

Cardif Pinnacle