3e Intelligence’s surveillance teams operate across the UK and internationally, utilising the most up to date equipment to obtain evidence that will solve your cases.

With careful planning, the latest equipment and precise execution, we’re able to provide one of the most effective information gathering services available. We supply you with the highest quality evidence and a solid basis to present a solid case. All evidence obtained by 3e Intelligence is admissible in court.

We also attend hearings and trials as witnesses when necessary. Our surveillance services include GPS tracking, vehicle tracking, covert (secret) observation, rural, electronic and all other types of conventional surveillance. We utilise state of the art equipment and technology, which includes sophisticated global tracking systems, high-powered photographic and covert video equipment. 

Our evidence has rebutted many claims and saved our clients extortionate settlement fees.

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Services include

  • GPS tracking
  • Counter surveillance
  • Rural surveillance
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Motorbike/vehicle surveillance

“The service that 3e Group provided me surpassed my expectations.”

JH, Actor, London